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What it's all about...

At art shows I am always quick to tell people that I am not a "professional" photographer, in fact if you have ever met me, you will most likely know that I have also been an electrician all of my life. But over these past eight years or so I can definitely say that I have learned a lot about my passion. I've gained technical knowledge through text books, online tutorials, and shooting alongside other talented photographers. I've learned a great deal about nature that had never occurred to me before. Like did you know that the moon will rise roughly 50 minutes later tonight than it did last night? And that on the day it is full it will rise approximately at the same time the sun sets? I have been blessed enough to spend time in some of the most incredible places Mother Nature has to offer and have gained experiences (photographic and otherwise) that I can only hope others get to enjoy. One thing that I have definitely come to realize is that there are a lot of people that share in my passion of photography, nature, and the outdoors. And that many of those people are just like I was eight years back, wondering if I am "doing it right" or how on earth they "do that" with their pictures? These are precisely the types of people we had in mind when putting our first workshops together. This class is designed for those photography enthusiast that need a good introduction or refreshing on basic camera functions and common  techniques.  Some of the features of our class are as follows:

* We aim to provide people with an informative and relaxed program in an effort to help teach them the basics of nature and landscape photography. We hope that by keeping classes small and providing students with essential gear from filters to tripods that we can provide a unique and fun experience for any level photographer!

* All classes sizes will be restricted to a maximum of 8 people. Please contact us for accommodations if your group is 6 or larger.

* Classes will start with a 2-3 hour "classroom" style workshop at our gallery where we will go over basic functions and techniques. There will be a Q&A, as well as talking about composition, light, and filters

* We will then break for an hour and meet up 2 hours prior to sunset at the location corresponding to the workshop you have chosen. We will not be providing transportation.

* Once in the "field" attendees will get instruction and demonstration on different techniques, settings, and filter usage. All attendants will be provided an opportunity to try out a variety of filters including grads, ND filters, CPLs, and we will also provide tripods for those that do not have one and would like to borrow one.

* All attendees will be provided with a snack and water on location.    

* Spaces are filled on a first come first served basis. Your space is not reserved until you have received a confirmation email for us. To reserve a space simply click on the link beside your desired date/location and fill out the form. Once I get it and confirm that there is still space in that class I will send you confirmation "holding" your space or spaces.

* Any admittance, parking, or other fees for entry into a state or county park or any other location we may be shooting is NOT included in your class fee. Please be prepared to pay for entry into most of our locations. (fees vary by location)

* You are totally responsible for your own well being and safety while "in the field". Although hiking and physical activity will be limited, you will be in the heat and walking for distances up to and over 1 mile. All attendees will be required to sign a "release of liability" waiver to participate.


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Fall Schedule:

Millerton Lake

Saturday- September 9, 2017 -  Sign Up Here....

                           Classroom Session @ 3:00 PM

                      Field Session  @ 5:30

Sweeping views of the foothills along with a huge open horizon make Millerton Lake a great place to catch the last light of the day. On calm days look for reflections in the still water!


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