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A few of my favorite and post popular images! Due to the scarcely limited edition of some my images, these prints can only be purchased by contacting to me for availability, medium and size options. Please use the contact tab at the top of the page to place an order or to send any questions my way.

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The Mighty Sierras - Madera County, CA

This scene comes to you from a fairly well known 4x4 trail in the Sierras, but what is "well known" to the locals is almost never photographed. I knew that there would be some cloud cover and hopefully a little "action" on this June evening, but what I didn't expect was the below freezing temps and a light dusting of snow to accumulate while I was there. Within minutes of snapping this shot, the ridge I was on looked like the one on left hand side of the image. I used a 2-stop grad and stitched together 3 shots to get this final panorama.

*IMG#9605 - Numbered to 200 

Upper Falls Lunar Bow - Yosemite National Park, CA

They said that the May 6th 2012 moon was to be a "super moon." Well maybe it "technically" was but it wasn't near as big as I expected from the pictures I've seen from the 2011 "super moon." Either way I manage to capture this amazing scene form the trail to upper yosemite fall. I hiked up that afternoon figuring I would shoot the late afternoon light then wait around for the moon. This turned out to be a bad decision. I had read in the forecast that it would be about fifty that night, well 50 at 6,000ft on an exposed ridge, wind blowing and getting sprayed by mist feels like ice! Not only did I nearly freeze to death but, the lunar bow didn't show up til around 1 AM and I didn't end up hiking out of there until after 2. Meaning that I sat up on the trail for well over 7 hours. Amazingly, however, I only saw one other person after about 7 PM that evening. And this photographer apparently got the "memo," he didn't show up until around midnight. But when all was said and done it was well worth the wait!

*IMG#9033 - numbered to 350

Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park, WY

By far my favorite geothermal feature in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Prismatic is unreal. It's vividly colored rings and fingers of algae and micro-organisms not to mention it's shear size make it truly a sight to see. In fact, I had to climb to the top of a ridge about half a mile away to be able to capture this detail of the outer "fingers" of the spring.

IMG#0120 - numbered to 25

Upper Cathedral - Yosemite National Park, CA

This shot comes to you from the popular "Cathedral Lakes Trail" in Yosemite's wilderness. I captured this shot on a crystal clear summer's evening when the last rays of sunlight were hitting Cathedral Peak. Scenes like this can be found all over the backcountry throughout Yosemite and the Sierras.

IMG#9879 - numbered to 300.

Hole in the Wall - Big Sur, CA

Every winter, when the sun is in it's southern most position and conditions are just right you can find an extraordinary scene at Pfeiffer Beach. As the sun sets a ray a brilliant orange, sometimes red, light burst through an opening in the massive sea stack that sits in the surf.

IMG#6609 - numbered to 500.

Wind and Circumstance - Death Valley National Park, CA

They say that conditions have to be perfect for the rocks of the racetrack to move. It apparently takes the exact amount of moisture or ice on the playa. Then the gail force winds that Death Valley is famous for do the rest.

IMG#7507 - numbered to 300

It Was Written - Owen's River Valley, CA

On a trip over to the Eastern Sierras for our annual holiday ski trip and I made sure to leave a couple of days open for shooting. I had searched for this spot on two different occasions prior to this trip and on the previous trip I had literally walked around in the middle of the desert for about 8 hours looking and never found it, I don't think I have ever walked so far and gone nowhere. It would turn out that I was way off my mark and probably would have had to walk at least another 8 hours to stumble across this infamous rock. All that being said, I guess my wife is good luck and I should take her more often. Because on this trip we dedicated a whole day just to looking for the spot and the next morning to shooting it assuming we found it the day before. And somehow my wife seemed to pretty much walk right to it in less than an hour.

IMG#6314 - numbered to 25

The Crack - Davenport, CA

Central and Northern California's coasts are some of the most scenic, protected, and accessible coastlines in the world. The remote beaches and redwood forests around Santa Cruz have quickly become a favorite for local photographers. This spot near the tiny town of Davenport, CA, known as The Davenport Crack, can turn very treacherous when tides are high.

IMG#1492 - numbered to 100

Many Flowers at Many Glacier - Glacier National Park, MT

During my eight days in Glacier the wild flowers kept getting more and more plentiful. And I repeatedly looked for a nice location to shoot some. Finally on my second to last day there, I came across this field on the road to the "many Glacier" area. I shot here two mornings in a row. The first morning was too windy to get anything good from the flowers, but luckily I had spent the actual sunrise shooting a panorama near the Many Glacier Hotel and the light was phenomenal. This one was taken right around sunrise on the calmer of the mornings when I could "stop" the flowers from swaying in the wind. I shot numerous photos on this morning featuring a few different colored flowers but I felt like the yellow ones contrasted best with soft hues of the morning. Later this day, around noon when the light was very harsh, I drove past this spot and saw no less than 15 photographers shooting in the same field. I couldn't help but smile and think how much better the scene was just a few hours before.

IMG#9909 - numbered to 450

Delicate Light - Arches National Park, UT

This is the famous Delicate Arch. Just a short hike through Arches takes you to one the most amazing spots in the National Park System. And as such this landmark has been photographed to death. With that in mind, I had opted to head up here for some long exposure and moon light work after sunset. Then this happened! An explosion of wicked desert light and a sunburst you could see with the naked eye.... in short, a "picture" perfect sunset.

IMG#0261 - numbered to 100

Winter Blows In - Convict Lake, CA

This scene comes to you from the eastern side of the Sierras around the Mammoth Mountain area. The lake was named after an incident on September 23, 1871, where a group of convicts escaped from prison in Carson City. A posse, from Benton, led by Deputy Sheriff George Hightower, encountered the convicts near the head of what is now Convict Creek.

IMG#3278 - numbered to 10

The Beauty of St Mary's - Glacier National Park, MT

This image was shot near one of the most popular locations for photographers in Glacier. I walked right past the "iconic shot" on my way down to the bank of St. Mary Lake. I found this awesome foreground and came away with one of my best shots of our whole trip. Funny part was that when I came back up the hill there were no less than a dozen photographers set up at the well known location. One of them said to me - "too bad there isn't any good light this morning, huh..." I just smiled and nodded.

IMG#9588 - numbered to 350

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