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Clear Skies and the Crescent Moon - Glacier National Park, MT<br />
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I awoke too early on this particular morning but decided to head out anyways. As it turned out this would be my best decision of the morning. Upon stopping at this overlook I noticed this beautiful crescent moon rising in the eastern sky to welcome the morning. Mother nature's way of telling me "good morning." <br />
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This image will be sold as a limited edition numbered to 300.

"capturing the beauty of nature through light and time"

Upper Falls Lunar Bow - Yosemite National Park, CA <br />
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They said that the May 6th 2012 moon was to be a "super moon." Well maybe it "technically" was but it wasn't near as big as I expected from the pictures I've seen from the 2011 "super moon." Either way I manage to capture this amazing scene form the trail to upper yosemite fall. I hiked up that afternoon figuring I would shoot the late afternoon light then wait around for the moon. This turned out to be a bad decision. I had read in the forecast that it would be about fifty that night, well 50 at 6,000ft on an exposed ridge, wind blowing and getting sprayed by mist feels like ice! Not only did I nearly freeze to death but, the lunar bow didn't show up til around 1 AM and I didn't end up hiking out of there until after 2. Meaning that I sat up on the trail for well over 7 hours. Amazingly, however, I only saw one other person after about 7 PM that evening. And this photographer apparently got the "memo," he didn't show up until around midnight. But when all was said and done it was well worth the wait!<br />
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This image will be sold as a limited edition numbered to "350."
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