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Clear Skies and the Crescent Moon - Glacier National Park, MT<br />
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I awoke too early on this particular morning but decided to head out anyways. As it turned out this would be my best decision of the morning. Upon stopping at this overlook I noticed this beautiful crescent moon rising in the eastern sky to welcome the morning. Mother nature's way of telling me "good morning." <br />
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This image will be sold as a limited edition numbered to 300.

"capturing the beauty of nature through light and time"

Many Flowers in Many Glacier - Glacier National Park, MT<br />
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During my eight days in Glacier the wild flowers kept getting more and more plentiful. And I repeatedly looked for a nice location to shoot some. Finally on my second to last day there, I came across this field on the road to the "many Glacier" area. I shot here two mornings in a row. The first morning was too windy to get anything good from the flowers, but luckily I had spent the actual sunrise shooting a panorama near the Many Glacier Hotel and the light was phenomenal. This one was taken right around sunrise on the calmer of the mornings when I could "stop" the flowers from swaying in the wind. I shot numerous photos on this morning featuring a few different colored flowers but I felt like the yellow ones contrasted best with soft hues of the morning. Later this day, around noon when the light was very harsh, I drove past this spot and saw no less than 15 photographers shooting in the same field. I couldn't help but smile and think how much better the scene was just a few hours before.<br />
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This image will be sold as a limited edition numbered to 450.
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