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Ripple in Time - IMG#2786

Finding an undisturbed section of dunes at "mequite flat" can be difficult at times to say the least. Here you see Death Valley on a typical bright harsh afternoon

The Basin - IMG#4455

Here is one from a summer backcountry trip into Kings Canyon and Dusy Basin. Here you see the Palisade Crest catching the last rays of a sunset from one of Dusy Basin's many lakes.

Davenport Crack, CA  - IMG#1492

This remote beach and area around Santa Cruz have quickly become a favorite for local photographers. This spot know as The Davenport Crack can turn very treacherous when tides are high.

Bonsai Rock - IMG#2143

Here you see the well known "Bonsai Rock" framed in it's cove and some nice soft colors in the sky. Although not the "explosive" sunrise I tend to prefer, I really like the pastel palette in this shot!

Panther Beach, CA  - IMG#1209

Taken on popular stretch of coastline north of Santa Cruz. This scene is found at Panther Beach, I think..., a couple of hours before sunset. Having never been here before I really had no idea what to expect or how the conditions would be, so I spent an hour or so walking the beach and familiarizing myself with the beaches until I settled on this comp, where I used a newly acquired big stopper to take this image.

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